2.5 million Turks are on their way to Mars! ‘Azm’ is preparing to land on the Red Planet

The determination to launch the Atlas 5 rocket from the Canaveral Cape Space Center in Florida last year was reversed to reach its goal.

The Mars Explorer’s 494-million-kilometer journey, known as Patience or “Perseverance,” lasted seven months. Now Mars is landing.


The determination to make a name for itself with the name campaign launched by NASA is accompanied by this information about the millions of people whose names are written.

The campaign in question was mostly from Turkey. He wrote the names of 2.5 million people from Turkey through space.

The 900-pound giant reconnaissance robot, nicknamed “Percy”, will try to reach the surface by entering the atmosphere directly inside the landing vehicle, which is moving at a speed of 20,000 kilometers per hour. At this time, the vehicle will experience a “7-minute horror” and will be disconnected.

Due to the distance between Earth and Mars, it takes about 11 minutes for any communication to take place. Thus, if something goes wrong, the Earth Control Center will not have time to intervene.

Control will be in autonomous systems with determination. Authorities for this rapid access to the burning atmosphere of Mars; It is compared to “a driver pulling his hands off the steering wheel of a $ 2.5 billion car.”

The determination, produced by NASA’s Reactive Loss Laboratory, aims to explore the surface of the crater of Jezero 49 km wide on the Red Planet.

Then a large parachute will open automatically and the speed of the vehicle will be reduced to a few hundred meters. Finally, the engines of a rocket platform called “Blue Crane” will be fired, and this crane will stop 20 meters from the ground.

The crane will lower the reconnaissance robot through the cables until it touches the surface and complete its mission by throwing itself at a safe distance. Perseverance in a way; “As laid by hand” will be lowered to the surface of Mars.

The most ambitious equipment that will land on the robot’s old river delta, Jezero Crater; It is a box-shaped helicopter called Ingeunity. In this mission, which will be a stage for the study of Mars, the helicopter will try to fly 4 times in the ultra-thin atmosphere of Mars.

If successful, this could lead to vertical rotor planes flying to another world. The Mars explorer’s goal is as a Chinese vehicle 3,000 miles away; looking for traces of water and microscopic life.

The vehicle is equipped with 23 cameras and 2 microphones "Inventiveness" It also buys a remote-controlled reconnaissance helicopter, named after Mars.In addition to 23 cameras and 2 microphones, the vehicle is carrying a remote-controlled reconnaissance helicopter called “Elegance” to Mars.

In addition, to identify “promising” geological sites for future settlements on Mars and to offer solutions to rebuild the atmosphere.

The vehicle, which has 20 cameras and a dual microphone, is expected to send many special images to the world. The wheels of the reconnaissance robot are made with special strips so that it can move on the rocky surface of Mars without wearing it.

The Mars explorer, who will travel a large area on the planet’s surface and collect samples, is scheduled to return to Earth in late 2030, 10 years later.

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