65 years of life beginning with exile and ending with Queen Elizabeth: Who is Prince Philip?

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Prince Philip of Edinburgh, who spent 65 years of his life with Queen Elizabeth of England, died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99. Buckingham Palace, which has been on the agenda in recent months due to health problems and hospitalized for a month due to infection, announced the death of Prince Philip, “died peacefully,” he said.

CLICK – Princess Philip, wife of Queen Elizabeth, has died

Prince Philip, who died a few months before his 100th birthday, was born in 1921 on the Greek island of Corfu. The only son of Prince Andrew of Denmark and Greece, the uncle of the Philippines, King Constantine I of Greece was fired for his pro-German stance during World War I.

Philip fled to Paris with his family when he was a baby. During this run, Philip’s baby is said to be kept in a cradle made of orange box. At the age of 7, Philip moved to England with the support of his distant relative, King George V, and today his grandson, Prince William, lives in Kensington Palace. Philip lived here with his grandmother Victoria Mountbatten and later attended a boarding school in Scotland.

Philip Mountbatten joined the Royal Navy at the age of 18 and graduated from the Royal Naval College of England as a successful student. Philip, who was active in the Mediterranean from the Indian Ocean, served in Tokyo in 1945, when World War II ended.

Meeting with Elizabeth

Philip Mountbatten’s meeting with Elizabeth, with whom he would be together for the rest of his life, coincided with a wedding in 1934. After meeting the couple, Mountbatten said he often corresponded with his duties abroad. The couple, who had been engaged for about four months, were married in 1947 at Westminster Abbey, one of London’s largest churches, in a ceremony attended by 2,000 people.

With this wedding, Philip left the title of Prince of Greece and became a citizen of England. Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, conferred the title of “His Majesty” on Prince Philip the day before the wedding. On the morning of the wedding, Prince Philip received the titles of Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merionet and Baron of Greenwich.

Farewell to military service

The couple’s trip continued with Edinburgh Derse Philip as commander of a warship in Malta. This was the last task of the Philippine military career. Elizabeth’s father, King George, died in 1952 at the age of 25.

When the couple received the news of their death in Kenya during a trip to Kenya, their lives changed completely when they returned to England. At the age of 25, Elizabeth received the title of Queen, and Philip received the title “wife” given to the official wife of the ruler. Prior to Elizabeth’s coronation, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Philip would follow Queen Elizabeth at every event and would not have constitutional status.

Philip, who left his active maritime career, explained this decision in an interview in 2011: “Being married to the Queen seemed to me the first duty in the service of the country.”

Philip, along with Queen Elizabeth, has been active in the public service for 65 years. Philip led the Industrial Association, known as the Labor Foundation. Philip, who often emphasized his commitment to the health and education of young people, was awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Award in 1956. The open-air event lasted for many years with the participation of many young people from around the world.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have four children from their marriage. After Queen Elizabeth, their eldest son, Prince Charles, is on the throne.

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