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A $ 50,000 donation from Taylor Swift to a mother of five

Known for her generosity and frequent donations, Taylor Swift donated $ 50,000 to a mother whose husband died of the corona virus.

The world-famous American singer Taylor Swift, known for her generosity, is back on the agenda with a donation. The 31-year-old star donated $ 50,000 to the mother of five children who lost her husband due to Covid-19 disease.
Following the death of 48-year-old Theodis Ray Quarles, the charity GoFundMe contacted Vickie Quarles, a mother of five, with a target of $ 50,000. Swift did not ignore the call, forgave his 63-year-old mother Andrea.
When Swift took the target total, the money raised with others who responded to the call and donated was $ 60,000.
“I thank Andrea and Taylor Swift for their thoughtful behavior and generosity,” the charity official said for the donation. This is not Swift’s first donation. The famous singer helped many people in economic difficulties during the epidemic.
With social media calls, he donated $ 3,000 each to his fans, who were affected by the economic downturn. In August, he received a £ 23,000 tuition for a student living in London. This was learned when the donor said on social media that ‘his dreams have come true’. In a note to a Swift fan, he said, “Vitoria, I came across your story while surfing the internet and was very impressed. I wanted to give you a gift to make your dreams come true. Good luck! ”I wrote.
In December, he paid $ 13,000 each to two mothers in financial difficulties during the epidemic. Here are some of the other grants Swift has provided so far:
– Corona sent a birthday present to a nurse who was working to help patients with the virus. -His mother gave $ 15,500 to support her comatose fan. – He sent a flower and a handwritten letter to a fan who had a car accident. – Sent flowers to a police officer injured in a shooting that killed 59 people in Las Vegas.
Louisiana has donated $ 50,000 to five schools affected by the floods. – Donated $ 50,000 for the dancer’s nephew with cancer. He paid $ 800 and gave $ 500 to the waiters at the restaurant.

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