‘A breathtaking natural phenomenon’

The Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland was launched over the weekend for the first time in 900 years. Many curious people went to the area to watch the eruption. The French news agency AFP reported that some people had taken a step further and fried sausages in lava fire.

The volcano, just 40 kilometers from the capital Reykjavik, erupted on Thursday from lava from surface faults.

Authorities say the eruption near the volcano is not dangerous.

On top of that, those who reached the volcanic region on a 6-kilometer hike from the nearest road immortalized these moments.

A picture of a drone on the way to the lava flow was spread on social media.

Ulvar Kari Johannsson, a 21-year-old engineer, described the natural phenomenon as “breathtaking”, saying that the things that surprised him the most were bad smells and shades of orange.

Emilie Saint-Mleux, a French student, said she was surprised by the 10-15 degree rise in lava.

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In the first hours of the explosion, the barricade set up by the authorities was then removed. The volcanic valley called Geldingadalur is full of hundreds of photographers.

Those who wanted to enter the volcanic zone were advised to follow the rules. Local police also monitored to prevent excessive movement.

Sulfur dioxide, a toxic gas from the cracks, was continuously measured to avoid endangering the lives of people in the area. The region was closed for re-visits on Monday due to rising gas levels.

The last explosion was in 1210.

It is reported that about 300,000 cubic meters of lava have reached the world through cracks in the valley.

Iceland volcanic tourism

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To reach the volcanic area, amateurs walked 6 kilometers.

Scientists say the last eruption in the Krysuvik volcanic system took place in 1210 and lasted for 30 years.

Iceland has 32 active volcanic systems and erupts on average every five years.

However, these explosions either take place far from residential areas or pose an unacceptable danger to the visitor.

Following the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull volcano in the country in 2010, there were major interruptions in international air traffic and 10 million people remained at airports.

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