A campaign has been launched to send the leader of the Straight

To say that the world is tired of conspiracy theories Marc stayed found an interesting solution to convince these theorists that the planet was in a geoid shape (a sphere formed at the poles).

Himself “an angry Scottish” Describing him, Gauld launched a campaign to send one of the leaders of these people, known as straight Earthists, into space.

Many people may not have a question mark about the shape of the Earth. However, some claim that the entire scientific world, especially NASA, has spent billions of dollars to deceive society about the shape of the earth.

Independent in Turkish make up by; Gauld thinks that these people will abandon their claims once a straight world representative is brought into space. Gauld, who has launched a campaign on the online fundraising platform Gofundme, asks one of the leaders of the Straight Lands to send him into space thanks to the money raised, and tells his followers that the Earth is round when he returns.

“General nonsense”

“I have a few flat ground friends and they drive me crazy. What they say is completely nonsense.” He said conspiracy theorists were waiting for his support

I decided to give the Flat Earthers a chance to implement the idea they were defending. The only way you can do that is to send one of your leaders into space.

On the other hand, Gauld has more ways to achieve this goal. Aiming to collect a total of 250 thousand pounds (about 2 million 400 thousand TL), the campaigner was still able to collect only 155 pounds (about 1500 TL).

Gauld said he wanted to launch his first flight mission this year, adding that he wanted help from leading names in the space industry:

I contacted the teams of Elon Musk and Richard Branson. I also try to get their support and wait for a response.

On the other hand, Virgin Galactic, one of the leading companies in the space tourism industry, requires $250,000 for orbital flight. Gauld wants to raise $345,000.

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