Actor Esme Bianco’s charge of sexual and psychological violence against Marilyn Manson

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Esme Bianco, known for her role in the Game of Thrones, is suing musician Marilyn Manson on charges of sexual, physical and psychological violence against her.

In a lawsuit filed in a federal court in Los Angeles, Bianco claimed that Manson brought him from the United Kingdom to the United States by promising to star in music videos in violation of human trafficking laws by not fulfilling his promises.

According to the criminal report, Manson brought Bianco to Los Angeles in 2009 for a video for the song ‘I Want to Kill You Like in the Movies’. Bianco said he wanted Manson to stay at his house, not his hotel; When he got home, he said there were no crew members and Manson fired at his phone.

Bianco said Manson then locked her in a room, left her without food and water, forced her to have sex with another woman, and threatened to rape her at night. Bianco said that during this time, Manson used physical violence against him in various ways. According to the criminal report, the two then began a long-distance relationship.

Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, later invited Bianco to Los Angeles in 2011. Bianco said he did not allow Manson to leave the house during the trip, chased him away with an ax, cut his body with a “Nazi knife” without permission, and then shared the photos on the Internet without permission.

Bianco said he was there when Manson was unconscious and could not agree at other times.

The defense said, “Bianco took years to understand the extent of the physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse Mr. Warner inflicted on him.” He said.

Bianco, who played Ros in the Game of Thrones series for three seasons, said he was abused for the first time in February.

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