An investigation into Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg’s violation of the Covid-19 restrictions on his 60th birthday

Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg An investigation was launched against him for violating the restrictions of the coronavirus (Covid-19) at a party marking his 60th birthday on February 26.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s 60th birthday on February 26, despite restrictions on the new coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, provoked a nationwide reaction.

Norwegian police have announced that an investigation has been launched against Solberg for violating Covid-19 restrictions. A statement from Police said, “Against the background of media reports, the Prime Minister, along with his statements, the police have decided to launch an investigation into the possibility of violating the rules of communicable diseases. The matter will be evaluated by the prosecutor’s office.”

In a statement, Prime Minister Solberg confirmed that his family had violated restrictive rules last February and violated the government’s Covid-19 recommendations when celebrating his 60th birthday during the February semester.

Solberg said 13 people, including family members, gathered at a restaurant at a ski resort in Geilo, Norway, on February 26, but did not eat because he was in hospital for eye treatment.

The next day, 14 people gathered with him in an apartment and admitted that the country did not follow the rules of restriction, Solberg said, “I’m sorry, my family and I did not follow the rules of Covid-19. It never happened. Solberg said, “I’m thinking of all those who have to cancel their expectations, a birthday with classmates, a party with friends or something. I understand those who are angry and frustrated. It’s about the situation. I made a mistake and I apologize for that.”

According to Norwegian infection control regulations, the maximum number of gatherings at special events in the country is 10 people. (PUA)

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