Another Ukrainian soldier was killed

Ukraine Donbas Another Ukrainian soldier was killed in the ongoing clashes in the region. In the Donbas region, a total of 27 Ukrainian soldiers were killed on April 9 since the beginning of the year.

A statement from Ukraine’s General Staff said another Ukrainian soldier had been killed in clashes with Russia in the Donbas region. Yaroslav Karliychuk, a 24-year-old Ukrainian soldier from Bukavina, will be buried in Cherepkovtsi.

Zelensky wanted to meet with Putin

Yulia Mendel, a spokeswoman for Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, said Moscow’s offer to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin had gone unanswered. “The Ukrainian presidency made an appeal to meet with Vladimir Putin, but we did not receive a response. I hope this is not because they do not want to establish a dialogue,” Mendel said.

“80,000 Russian soldiers on the border”

Referring to border traffic, Mendel said, “More than 40,000 Russian troops are stationed in eastern Ukraine and on the Crimean border.”

Protests in Ukraine against then-President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 spread throughout the country and a revolution took place. Yanukovych fled to Russia by helicopter in the middle of the night. Following these events, Russia took advantage of the unrest in the country and occupied the eastern part of Ukraine and Crimea.

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