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The world-famous American technology giant Apple has announced that it aims to turn its research and development departments in the German state of Bavaria into a European Chip Design Center.

Explaining that it plans to invest more than 1 billion euros in this context, in 2019, near Kirchheim, the chip giant Intel bought a smartphone modem chip technology device and turned it into the largest development center in Europe. At present, the company employs 1,500 engineers from 40 countries. Apple has about 4,000 employees all over Germany.

Apple previously only bought chips from Qualcomm and Intel for iPhone, iPad and Mac products. However, in recent years, the company has taken many steps to produce its own chip. The development team in Bavaria aims to use chips developed by Apple in their products.

To this end, it is planned to invest more than 1 billion euros in three years as part of the changes in the enterprises in Bavaria. Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “Munich has been Apple’s home for 40 years. We are grateful to this city and Germany for what we have achieved together, and we look forward to the future.”

In addition to development laboratories in Kirchheim, Apple is also expanding its 30,000-square-meter center in the city center of Munich.

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