Artificial Intelligence wrote a theatrical play: The Futuristic Little Prince

In 1921, the world-famous Czech writer Karel Capek wrote a fantastic game in which the word robot was first used and described the machines in the game. Even now artificial intelligenceto celebrate the centenary of this work. theater I wrote.

ELON MUSK Among the founders

Independent in TurkishAccording to the news: 60-minute game, Elon Muskartificial intelligence firm among its founders Open AI ‘of GPT-2 by an artificial intelligence program called. The playwright who supervises the project David KostakHe described the script as “a kind of futuristic little prince.”

An application to continue sentences

So far, this language prediction model has also been used to write fake news, stories and poems. However, the team that developed it said that this game was the first theatrical production of GPT-2. The play is called “Artificial Intelligence: If a Robot Writes a Theater Text.”

This language prediction model works by complementing sentences previously given by human researchers. In this project, the researchers gave artificial intelligence the words “Hello, I’m a robot and it’s nice to invite you to the game I wrote.” Following this, the program created the text of the theater.


On the other hand, the result is still far from a quality theatrical text. Because after a few sentences, the program may begin to write expressions that contradict other parts of the text. For example, the artificial intelligence that wrote this game forgot that the main character is not a human, but a robot in the following parts of the text.

Rudolf Rosa, a computer linguist at the University of Prague who started working on the project two years ago, said, “Sometimes in the middle of a dialogue, the speaker changed from a man to a woman.”

“Sort possible words”

According to Chad DeChant, an artificial intelligence specialist at Columbia University in the United States, the reason is that the program does not understand the meaning of sentences. DeChant said he was not involved in the writing process of the play, but was looking forward to watching it, “listing only words that are likely to be used together.”

Researchers who wanted to prevent the increase of inconsistencies in the text made some interference in the writing process. For example, transitions were made where the program changed the character’s gender from line to line, and the first text command was repeated until the program produced a logical prose.

HUMAN ANSWER 10 percent

Rosa, 90 percent of the latest version of the scenario remains untouched, only 10 percent said it was human intervention. DeChant says the game can’t be described as “written by artificial intelligence,” because the entire script is not assigned to the program.


An AI expert estimates that it takes about 15 years for technology to write complex text as a theatrical performance from start to finish. However, he notes that experience shows the audience what artificial intelligence can do and excite them.

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