BBC Turkish Days, celebrating his 96th birthday with photos of the master announcer

Today is the 96th birthday of veteran announcer Halit Kivanc.

Kivanc was born on February 18, 1925 in the Fatih district of Istanbul. BBC Türk ServiceIt worked.

Kivanc, despite his five-year contract, “I want to go to apply what I learned in my country,” he said.

Halit Kivanc produced a program in BBC Turkish, read the news and even played in a radio theater.

In the photo above, she is getting ready to meet Yildiz Kenter and Mushfik Kenter at the BBC Turkish studio in London.

Halit Kıvanç

A collective image from 1963. Standing from left to right: Halit Kivanc, Mehmet Refig, Can Yucel, Omar Umar, Izgan Baz. Seated: Feyyaz Fergar (Kayacan), Leyla Umar, Dr. Andrew Mango, Mübeccel Argun.

Halit Kıvanç

Halit Kivanc came to the UK to punish the Turkish Governor’s Office in an interview with the BBC in preparation for the Turkish investigation.

Halit Kıvanç

Halit Kivanc wrote in the book “How Many Watermelons in a Seat” under this picture:

“Radio and television broadcasters around the world give a special place to the famous British BBC. Until recently, the appearance of Americans on screen was especially important for the BBC. I had a chance to taste this beauty.” I worked at the BBC for about a year. “

Halit Kıvanç

Halit Kivanc and Andrew Mango are preparing to meet with the trade union leader of the time. Posted on July 24, 1963. On that day, workers in Turkey were given the right to strike.

Halit Kıvanç

Halit Kivanc gives an interview to the famous bassist of the state opera Ayhan Baran. Baran gave a resital in 1963 at Wigmore Hall in London. After the concert, the BBC answered questions in Turkish.

Halit Kıvanç

The date is July 5, 1963. A group of Turkish folk music artists came to London to participate in a program of BBC Turk. The picture shows Halit Kivanc talking to team leader Abdullah Yuce.

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