Bosphorus Resistance and the Use of Generation Z Social Media

Prof. Dr. Melih Bulu was appointed Rector of the Bogazici University by the President of the Republic of Turkey on January 2, 2021. Students and academics who have reacted to Melih Bulu’s appointment method, who graduated from Middle East Technical University(METU) with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s and doctoral degree from Bogazici University, have been protesting since January 4. Students and academics, who express their protests and demands from a single point as the Bosphorus Resistance, react to the appointment in very different ways. The academics turned their backs on the rector’s office and have been protesting silently for more than three weeks. The students continued to protest, frying halva, doing yoga, playing Metallica and dancing.

The Bosphorus Resistance, as another form of protest, organized an exhibition of works by students from across the country and abroad on 31 January. explanation in was published. On February 1, students were taken into custody on social media in connection with police intervention and problems and protests around campus interest increased. 159 people were detained by police intervention, the Istanbul Governor’s Office confirmed this information.

The Bosphorus Resistance voices its voices on every social media network

Bogazici University students heard the sultan’s voice-centered social network Clubhouse, which did not hear the elements of this police intervention as they saw on February 1, escaped the snow water and Bogazici University students communicated with friends on campus. Meanwhile, opinion leaders and celebrities’ connections to broadcasts have increased since the beginning of January, with brands, agencies and influencers active in Turkey increasing their exposure to controversy. showed that it could be.

When the number of users in the club building reached the ceiling limit of 5,000, the students in the room opened another room and delivered speeches by students, campus residents, and alumni and alumni. In addition, a Discord server was opened as an alternative to the Clubhouse, which currently does not have an Android version, and conversations in the same room were broadcast from here.

Live broadcast is the norm for Generation Z.

Bosphorus Resistance communication channels and students have also launched live broadcasts on Twitch, Instagram and Periscope in parallel. The updated information continued to be shared at the Clubhouse. At the same time, the methods of movement in the room and the recommendations from the upper generations only provided the process and the flow of knowledge. With the release of Meerkat, which streamed live on Twitter at SXSW 2015, six years after live streaming became the norm, Generation Z, who grew up in a live streaming culture, made it clear that they wanted it. Past generations have long talked about Generation Z, researching and analyzing and publishing reports, and the self-expression of a generation is evident in this sense, both in terms of marketing and global impact.

Throat resistance

Of course, one of the must-haves when it comes to Z Generation is TikTok. It would not be an exaggeration to say that TikTok has the same meaning for generation Z as Myspace or mIRC for one generation. In the same way, TikTok means a personality, not a tool for this generation. In this sense, we can put TikTok next to channels like Reddit and 4Chan with definitions like Reddit and TikToker. It’s impossible to say that you have such a strong connection on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Although the definition of “Instagrammer” is a relevant word in the dictionary and Instagram interface, it is difficult to say that he is a well-known member of the community in everyday life, at the academy or in the press. Young people, on the other hand, contacted TikTok and did not receive tens or hundreds of tickets to a meeting with former US President Donald J. Trump. And with these actions they took place in the general media. With a similar approach, students in the Bosphorus Resistance make their voices heard on TikTok.

Finally, the reasons for the students’ protests for the Bosphorus Resistance were explained under three main headings, and the same, common demands of different students appeared on each channel.

  • They did not want the rector appointed, and therefore Melih Bulu resigned
  • Decisions of universities and appointment of rectors by the will of universities
  • Release of prisoners

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