Britain can’t start “value war” with China while WikiLeaks founder jailed for publishing war crimes

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Stella Morris, the partner of jailed WikiLeaks founder and former editor-in-chief Julian Assange, said Britain should urge US President Joe Biden to drop his espionage charges against Assange in order to strengthen his hand in his campaign against authoritarian regimes.

Morris, who has two children from Assange, is campaigning for the damage done to Britain’s global reputation by the arrest of the WikiLeaks founder.

Speaking to The Guardian, Morris said, “The intervention against Assange is forcing Britain to make constant concessions around the world. Authoritarian regimes are gaining ground both in private speeches and on the international stage as the United Nations. Assange was in Belmarsh Prison for publishing war crimes.” you can’t start a war. If this is your starting point, you can’t be in a better place morally. “

“I don’t know if Britain is aware of how much has been criticized in the international community or how much its soft power has been damaged,” said Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Adviser. Morris called on authoritarian leaders to release political prisoners, noting that Assange’s capture would be on the agenda against Britain.

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