British airspace is temporarily closed for Boeing 777 passenger aircraft

British Minister of Transport Grant Shapps, Britain’s airspace has been temporarily closed for Boeing 777 passenger planes.

A Boeing 777-200 passenger plane belonging to United Airlines, which has 231 passengers and 10 crew members in the United States, caught fire shortly after takeoff. necessary inspections were made until the same type of engines. Following Boeing’s request, British Transport Minister Grant Shapps said on social media that the UK’s airspace was temporarily closed to Boeing 777 passenger planes using Pratt & Whitney series engines.

In a social media statement issued by the British Civil Aviation Authority, the use of this configuration in British airspace was announced after the failure of the Pratt & Whitney 4000-112 engine on the Boeing 777. The authority also said that this configuration was not used by any British airline.

Airlines based in the United States, Japan and South Korea have also decided to land Boeing 777 passenger planes using the Pratt & Whitney series engine.

According to Boeing, 59 aircraft with this engine are stored in the hangar, and 69 aircraft continue to operate.

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