Careless Driver Turns Vehicle Weapon

Distraction, insomnia, excessive speed and similar factors can cause loss of life in traffic. Although any inappropriate behavior of drivers can lead to the death or injury of a person, this fact shows that vehicles have become a deadly weapon by drivers.

Weapons made from car parts

Aiming to raise awareness about road safety, the Association Prévention Routière and Victimes & Citoyens, a non-governmental organization founded by victims of road accidents, are sending a stern message to draw attention to this issue. The #DisarmTheRoads campaign, created by TBWA Paris, really demonstrates that not using a phone while driving, driving too fast and falling asleep behind the wheel from fatigue can be a dangerous weapon.


The agency uses parts from various cars, motorcycles and minibuses to create weapons created for the campaign. Parts such as the accelerator pedal, exhaust, gears, and seat belt make up the materials of the weapon. The team, which creates three weapons from three different vehicles, directly demonstrates how dangerous it can be if drivers use bad or inappropriate vehicles.

Victimes & Citoyens president Julien Thibault said drivers or relatives of drivers used vehicles as weapons after road accidents. The non-governmental organization, which wants to convey this dangerous situation in a surprising way, gives a clear message to the Union Prévention Routière.

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