Casper simplifies business life with computer solutions

Each institution has different expectations and needs according to the current business model. Creating the right technological infrastructure has a direct impact on employee performance and productivity. Casper Business Solutions is a business partner that helps companies achieve their goals by producing solutions that meet their needs and requirements. It is important for organizations to use ergonomic, functional and performance products and then continue to work without any problems. Casper offers technological solutions that simplify the business life of organizations with a fast service network, easily integrated systems, local production and on-site service within “Corporate Solutions”.

Computer solutions system

Casper, which simplifies the selection of work computers; It saves time in the purchase stages with its models in many different areas of work, such as service, education, finance, health and technology. Casper, which has been developing computer models for the needs and expectations of organizations for years, increases performance and efficiency with customizable computers. Options for desktop computers are not limited to laptop or desktop models, in addition to standard models, devices such as mobile devices or workstations are also offered under the Casper warranty.

Services provided by Casper to Institutions

For businesses with different needs, such as laptops, desktops, all in one, or on servers, Casper manufactures and offers for every expectation. With business solutions tailored to every sector, from SMEs to the retail sector, from finance to the health sector, businesses are able to receive uninterrupted support in corporate solutions. The most important detail service for businesses. Solutions such as on-site services, which speed up the work of organizations much faster and prevent them from stopping work, ensure that businesses solve their problems without interruption. 21 regional services and fast delivery options in 7 different cities make the Casper business solution attractive to businesses.

Technology for business

With the choice of Casper business solutions in different areas such as work, service, education or technology, all the needs of institutions are met with a single brand guarantee. Constantly changing to keep up with business and work seamlessly, Casper is able to best meet the needs of businesses by sharing his years of experience in the sector. Casper, which ensures uninterrupted operation at every stage of the work, also has options such as computers that can be adapted to the requirements of superior service and hardware with intelligent solutions, from tablets to computers, from phones to work servers.

Casper, which pioneers the digital transformation of enterprise products with VIA, Nirvana and Excalibur tablets, laptops ranging from mini-computers with a wide range of Turkish products, is available at tr / institutional-cozum, find the most suitable solutions for your business.

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