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Mass media and individual music players have become an integral part of human life since their invention. The physical and functional changes of devices such as radios, pickups, gramophones and televisions used to transmit sound and images have also attracted the interest of fans of collections and nostalgia. The Nayir family is witnessing history by repairing and collecting these devices for 3 generations in Galata Kuledibi.

Cem Nayir, a third-generation member of the 60-year-old Netses Repair Shop, spoke about his work and collections and his future goals. Nayir said the workshop was founded by Halit Ses in 1961 and grew up on historical devices in a repair shop.
Saying that he grew up in the profession with mockery, Nayir, his father Ahmet Nayir said that he grew up like himself. Describing the story of his workshops as an “interesting adventure,” Nayer said, “My grandfather’s story begins with an electrical and electronic engineering education in Greece. When we returned home, Beyoglu Galata, where we lived, was a port city and certain families, and people had electronic devices. My grandfather is an engineer, but he thinks that it is not enough for repairs. He invites 2 masters. He is of Italian and Bulgarian origin and they come here. Here they teach both my grandfather and my father the practice of work. My father He is very young and learns the basics of business from good masters because he is inclined to learn. “
Nayir said that his staff not only witnessed the history, but also kept many unforgettable memories. Saying that his father was locked in his room for 2 hours by an Italian master to repair the radio, Nayir said that his father repaired the radio and left the room.
Noting that his workshops are based on the restoration and sale of lamp radios, gramophones and pickups, Cem Nayr said, “Every time you come to work to help your father and grandfather, you will learn whether you want to work or not. You always see the same things, the brain memorizes it. If you really want to learn something, try it, try again, fail, it was a great chance to be with the masters trained by my father and grandfather.
Nayir said he took over the workshop in 2000 as a result of what he learned from his grandfather, father and masters. “We have been working on all analog and mechanical devices from the early 1900s to the late 1970s. Very special tools come to our workshop. We have a collection. We have a collection of devices such as gramophones, pickups, plate radios. The spirit, texture and sound of these instruments are completely different. Sound is nothing compared to analog devices. There is no depth, especially in terms of sound. We are interested in analog instruments. “
Referring to the collections created with the contributions of his grandfather and father, Nayir said that a television brought from the port of Galata in the 1930s was also included in the collection.
“Our collection includes the first televisions with American tubes and lamps that we can see in Western films of the 1930s. These are the televisions that we have kept out since then. The workshops belong to the late Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. In those years, Menderes stayed at the Pera Palace. Menderes says the phone in his room should be looked at. My grandfather goes to the room because we had a service in those years. He sees Adnan Menderes in the room and sees that the phone is out of order. My grandfather has no problem. My grandfather hangs a new phone. My grandfather Menderes said as he left the room, ” I present to you. Maybe you can use it, you can fix it. “That phone is still on the shelf in our workshop. Private people used white phones then. This analog phone is also white because it is a special person.”
“Life does not accept plans. Emotions always interfere with our work. I will try to keep our workshop as open as possible, because emotions are in question. I want to create a little more social space to develop my business, more people,” Nayir said. I want to spend time, my guest sits in the studio while drinking something and I plan to build a hobby and workshop room. There will be a library section. I am thinking of a small library section that contains some topics and books. There will be a workshop next to the hobby room and it will have a little workshop atmosphere. I want it to happen. I want them to see it. If we see someone who wants to continue this work after us, we want it to continue. These professions must not end and must continue. “

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