Childhood tensions between Michel and von der Leyen are the cause of the ‘seat crisis’

For this purpose, an appeal was made by the Social Democratic Group. Other members of parliament are demanding that Michelle openly apologize to EU Commission President von der Leyen.

Speaking to Belgian television on Thursday, Michel said she regretted the incident and had not slept for days, and would meet with Ursula von der Leyen tonight. However, this meeting did not take place.

Claiming that the Turkish seat officials were responsible for the seat crisis, Michel, “they did not raise the issue of seats in order not to overshadow the 3-hour constructive meeting with Erdogan,” he said.

However, according to EU diplomats, President Erdogan will not react negatively if such a request is made by Michel.

EU diplomats said they wanted an agreement with the EU “due to the difficult days in Turkey, the coronavirus epidemic due to tourists and economic difficulties” because it would be constructive on the issue of protocol with Brussels to avoid a new crisis.

According to the Belgian press, the silence of the President of the Council of Europe Michel and the crisis of the protocol are the result of a long-standing “children’s rivalry” with the President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

Former EU leaders Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker’s diplomatic contacts were held in equal sitting.

However, Michel’s team remembers the President of the Council of Europe as President and the President of the EU Commission as Prime Minister.

For this reason, it is important that Von der Leyen’s protocol officials do not go to Ankara before the visit due to the coronavirus epidemic, and that Michelle’s team has to meet with Turkish officials in order to settle the crisis.

According to the newspaper De Tijd, Michel’s protocol officials put their “bosses” higher than the president of the Commission.

“They have been competing since the day they took office”

According to EU diplomats, there is great personal jealousy and secret rivalry between the two leaders.

One week after taking office, EU Commission President von de Leyen traveled to Ethiopia and Addis Ababa, the capital of the African Union, to emphasize the importance of Africa to them.

Three months after this visit, this time the President of the Council of Europe, Michel, visited Addis Ababa to draw more attention to Africa.

The two EU leaders were found on a visit to the Greek-Turkish border in March 2020 over the refugee problem.

Michelle went to Ankara the next day to meet with President Erdogan.

However, during their time together in Greece, von der Leyen did not say a word about his visit to Ankara.

One of the most important disputes between Michel and von der Leyen arose in June 2020 over who would invite Prime Minister Boris Johnson to speed up negotiations on Britain’s exit from the EU (Brexit).

The German magazine Der Spiegel commented that the two EU leaders acted “like two children in kindergarten” after the discussion.

According to the magazine, both Michel and von der Leyen see EU foreign policy as a means to polish their roles.

According to Belgian media, the seat crisis in Ankara is another reflection of the childish tension between “two relatively inexperienced strikers who have not wanted to allow each other too much” since taking office.

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