Chip Crisis Explanation from Monster Notebook: Prices may increase

Monster, one of the game laptop brands, made a statement about the chip crisis that affected the whole world. Monster, while reporting on the crisis, said prices could rise.

The ongoing crisis is now affecting consoles, graphics cards, processors, phones and even cars. At the time, the crisis was expected to improve normally, but changing market demand and the prolongation of the epidemic made it even more difficult. Monster, one of Turkey’s most popular gaming computer companies, made a statement about the crisis.

Monster said in a statement that they are doing their best to prevent the impact of prices. However, the Monster Notebook predicts an absolute price increase in the coming days. The rest of the explanation is as follows:

“We anticipate that this crisis, which has a negative impact on the production processes of all technology brands in the world, will not be resolved for some time. In this context, we must inform the public in advance of low production.

As a brand that adopts the policy of bringing the latest technologies to the market at the most affordable prices, we have made every effort not to affect our prices.

However, we expect that this process, which develops independently of us, will lead to a forced increase in the prices of Monster Notebook products in the future, as well as all manufacturers around the world.

We are already announcing to the public; As a brand that is always with its customers, we present it to all our users. “

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