Chip Crisis: Ford stops production in Cologne

According to a report published on Monday, based on sources in the Bild newspaper, factory workers will work in short shifts from May 3 to June 18 to June 30 to July 9.

In the meantime, the factory will be completely closed. According to the report, the normal operation of the Ford plant in Cologne is expected to be adopted in August.

Ford has previously stopped production at many factories in the United States for the same reasons. These developments were reflected in the company’s balance sheet for the first quarter, and its shares suffered a loss of value.

US-based multinational network technology company Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco SystemsIn a statement made in the last week of April, a globally effective chip shortage will take six months as soon as possibleManufacturing companies are also working to increase capacity, he said.

Due to the ever-increasing shortage of chips, Robbins said that with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, chip users are expected to experience a general contraction, and many chip companies, like themselves, are chip manufacturers because they make their predictions on this basis. He also said that despite the reduction in production, demand has increased.

It is one of the US-based electric car manufacturers Tesla CEO Elon Musk He said in a statement on the same days that the global semiconductor shortage is a big problem.

Musk said that despite all these problems, Tesla Model S distribution will begin in the next month. Therefore, the “high-capacity production” of the new model of Tesla will begin in the third quarter of this year, and mass production in 2022.


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