Civilians were killed in an attack on a hospital in Syria’s Idlib province

The National Defense Ministry (NSD) said five people, including a child, were killed and 10 civilians were injured in the regime’s attack on a hospital in Idlib, Syria.

A statement from the ministry’s Twitter account said, “Assad’s regime has again brutally attacked innocent civilians in Syria. Five innocent civilians, including one child, have been killed by the regime in a hospital in Idlib Atarib. Ten civilians have been injured.”

Reuters reported that at least seven civilians were killed and 14 health workers were injured in the attack.

Speaking to Reuters, medics and search and rescue team members said a woman and a child were among the dead.

Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets) Media Office Officer Ibrahim Abu Layis said he attacked the hospital on land with weapons.

Despite the severe damage to the hospital, civilians living in the city expressed concern that the hospital would become unusable.

Clashes between Syrian regime forces and the opposition were suppressed by a ceasefire agreement a year ago.

Although locals have said there have been occasional clashes with Russian-backed militants, Syria and Russia have denied the allegations, saying there have been no clashes with civilians and only Islamist militants have been targeted.

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