Colombia’s tax reform protests have killed 17 people and injured about 900

Colombia ‘At least 17 people have been killed and 846 injured in protests launched by President Ivan Duque over a tax reform package he plans to pass under the name “Sustainable Solidarity Law”. On the other hand, the reform package was withdrawn due to the reactions.

José Miguel Vivanco, the American director of Human Rights Watch, said in a statement that one person had been confirmed killed by police in Cali, one of the cities most affected by the violence.

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The group said there were 940 police incidents during the protests, with eight more protesters killed by police and an investigation ongoing.
Thirteen people were killed and 75 were injured in protests against police violence in Colombia last September.

Finance Minister resigned

Colombian Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla, along with his deputy Juan Alberto Londono, offered his resignation to Duque after protests over tax reform. Carrasquilla and London are expected to meet with Duque. Carrasquilla is known as the person who proposed the tax reform proposal, which was flatly rejected.

The reform will affect the minimum wage

With the tax reform, at least 3 million minimum wage workers must file income tax returns that are currently exempt from income. The reforms expected millions of tax-exempt workers to pay taxes because they received very low wages. In a country where the minimum wage is $ 250 a month, the bill is projected to bring wages below $ 200 a month.

The reform package aimed to raise $ 6.8 billion in taxes by increasing the government’s VAT on goods and services and expanding taxpayer records. Along with taxes, it was planned to reduce the effects of the economic crisis caused by the epidemic.

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