Contactless charger from Xiaomi

Wireless chargers allow you to charge smartphones without any cable connection. So far, we have seen products with wireless charging feature combined with different features. However, Xiaomi’s revolutionary remote charging technology is laying new foundations in this area. As the name suggests, the Mi Air Charge allows the device to charge wirelessly. However, unlike the wireless chargers we’ve seen so far, it needs no contact with the product when it’s at a distance.

5 watt remote charging with Mi Air Charge technology

Xiaomi shared the product on Twitter with the phrase “technology, not science fiction.” This technology, developed by Xiaomi itself, really meets this definition.

Location and power supply are the basis of the Mi Air Charge’s remote charging feature. A charger consisting of 144 antennas transmits energy waves to the environment through these antennas. Can overcome physical obstacles during transmission. In this way, the user can charge the phone while on the move. The products are located a few meters from the radius of the device and with the support of Mi Air Charge charging, they charge 5 watts.

Mi Air Charge can charge multiple devices at the same time. Each device receives 5 watts of power. This revolutionary product seems to be a very bold initiative that will affect the design of living spaces. Xiaomi said that in the near future, the wireless charger will work on smart watches and sports bracelets. At the same time, the idea of ​​charging all devices, including other small devices, with a wireless power source is on the agenda. In this way, all the products in the living room will be able to get power from the wireless charger.

Credit: Xiaomi

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