Crypto is the 4th largest investor in Turkey

Recently, the increase in cryptocurrency investments is under the influence of Turkey. Turkey is the 4th largest investor in the UK.

According to a survey conducted by Invictus Capital in 60 countries, the country with the largest number of crypto investors is Germany with 14.1 percent. This country is followed by the United States with 7.7 percent, Spain with 6.8 percent. The UK and Turkey are in fourth place with a 4.8 percent share of crypto investors.

According to the study, today 41.4 percent of crypto investors are first-time investors in this field. 94 percent of crypto investments are made on mobile devices. 5.5 percent of investments are made from desktop computers, 0.5 percent from tablet computers.

Sözcü’den Özlem Ermiş Beyhan According to the news The study also examined the professions of cryptocurrency investors. Here, engineers are seen to be in first place with 12.5 percent. Merchants and lawyers follow with 9.6 percent, and those working in the financial sector with 8.6 percent. At the bottom of the list are people in the field of IT with 1.6 percent. It seems that employees of the information technology sector are not yet very interested in crypto investments. Research shows that the main motivation for crypto investments is the ability to return quickly at 68 percent.

The proportion of investors under the age of 25 is 25.1 percent

According to the study, the vast majority of crypto investors, about 65 percent, are in the 25-45 age group. The proportion of investors under the age of 25 is also very high: 25.1 percent. YouTube is the most popular place for crypto investors to get information. The study recorded 12 crypto YouTubers from around the world. There is a name from Turkey: Crypto Emre. Crypto Emre’s YouTube account has 210,000 followers.

32.8 percent of crypto investors with an investment of less than $ 100

The rapid appreciation of Bitcoin in recent years has increased interest in new and ‘cheap’ coins, and the number of “100 TL coins” has exploded. The study shows that the proportion of crypto investors with an investment of less than $ 100 is 32.8 percent. However, the maximum weight is 60 percent in those with an investment of between 2,500 and 5,000 dollars. According to the study, 39.9 percent of crypto investors buy the largest weekly market.

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