Cyber ​​attack on Microsoft: 60,000 accounts were attacked

It turned out that a very sophisticated and complex attack was launched against Microsoft’s email service. More than 60,000 people were reported to have been attacked.

US-based media company in Bloomberg William Turton and Jordan Robertson The report said that a huge attack took place and tens of thousands of people were injured.

A big attack

Microsoft said it suspected a Chinese-backed hacker group was behind the attack. A former U.S. official familiar with the investigation said about 60,000 people had been affected by the cyberattack. It is estimated that small and medium-sized businesses will be affected by the attack.

Microsoft is trying to prevent the attack, but cyber attackers have carried out more attacks and have not stepped back.

What information was stolen is being investigated

Maryland-based cybersecurity company Huntress said small and medium-sized businesses, some banks and electricity companies had been attacked. On the other hand, some nursing homes and ice cream companies were also attacked.

One cybersecurity company told Bloomberg that only companies work with at least 50 customers at a time and have difficulty finding out what information hackers have stolen.

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