Dogan Holding’s renewable energy company Galata Wind, comes to the market at a price of 5.06 TL

Galata Wind Enerji A.Ş., one of Doğan Holding companies, has started counting down to open to the public. Company Name Galata Wind Energy Inc. According to a press conference organized by the company, the process of collecting requests will begin on Thursday, April 15 and end on Friday, April 16. The Istanbul Stock Exchange will begin trading on Thursday, April 22.

In the offer to the public, the price per share was set at 5.06 TL. Galata Wind Energy A.Ş. will be offered 25 percent of the shares. If the right of additional sale is exercised, the mass supply rate will increase to 30 percent. Guarantee A consortium of 30 people led by BBVA Investment, Galata Wind Energy A.Ş.

To provide information on Galata Wind’s mass bidding process Doğan Holding CEO Çağlar Göğüş Renewable energy companies will continue to be the most attractive asset for investors by taking on the role of technology companies in the economy and markets until recently, he said, adding that this would be a significant advantage for renewable energy companies:

Holding EBITDA 29 percent

“In Dogan Holding, which has a history of 61 years, mass offers have always been very important in terms of institutionalization and value creation. In addition to the primary and secondary public offerings of the past, 5 companies, including Dogan Holding, are open to the public today. Today, as Doğan Holding, we operate in 7 different business segments. Our company, Galata Wind, which operates under the electricity generation segment, accounts for about 3 percent of turnover in our consolidated financial statements. But when we look at profitability, we see that this corresponds to 29 percent of EBITDA. It is one of the most valuable, most profitable and most lucrative companies for us. In addition, sustainability is one of Dogan Holding’s top priorities. ”

The Paris Climate Agreement states that there is a global commitment to the transition to a zero-carbon economy with the return of the United States to the Paris Climate Agreement and the implementation of the EU Green Agreement on China’s Green Growth Strategy. ChestHe noted that companies managing trillions of dollars in assets are now committed to accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon economy, and said, “As Dogan Holding, we have set a goal of being carbon-neutral by 2030 and have started. We work with all our companies on this path. “

Burak Kuyan, General Director of Galata Wind Energy Galata Wind will never invest in fossil fuels outside of renewable sources, zero operating carbon emissions by the end of 2025, and Gold Standard and VCS will reduce carbon emissions. Increase the proportion of women in central leadership positions by more than 30 percent in 2 years and have at least 1 female member of the board at the international level. “

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