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Draghi called Erdogan a ‘dictator’ caused a diplomatic confrontation

Corriere della Sera writes that “a diplomatic confrontation between Italy and Turkey has not been seen at this level for a long time.

A statement from the newspaper by Massimo Franco said that Draghi had “firmly reaffirmed his commitment to Europe” with the words he used to “defend the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen”.

Draghi’s remarks against Erdogan and La Repubblica newspaper in response to the front page from Turkey, “Erdogan created what Draghi said about a diplomatic conflict,” he said. “Italy has always been seen as a dove in Europe against Turkey,” the newspapers said, recalling Italy’s EU membership position and the greatness of trade relations between the two countries.

La Repubblica, at the EU summit in France and Greece last December, called for sanctions against countries such as Italy, and took a softer stance with Turkey and Germany.

La Stampa newspaper said that Draghi had left the “dictatorship” and reacted to the news from Turkey, adding that the Italian prime minister “needs these dictators.” The newspaper said, “Turkey is the fifth most important trading partner in the world, after Germany, and the second most important trading partner in Europe. We also signed a much-criticized agreement to manage the waves of migration to EU Turkey.”

A commentary on La Stampa’s front page, titled “Two Slaps to the Sultan,” reads:

“Erdogan is a dictator: After these simple but open words, we hear the long and free applause of millions of people – Europeans, Turks, badly treated Kurds.”

Salvini, postponed the show

The words of the Italian Prime Minister to Erdogan resonated in the political world in the country.

Draghi, who is in the coalition government of the broad league party in the Premier League, announced today that they will give a show in front of the Turkish embassy in Rome.

However, it was later reported that the organization was postponed for “organizational reasons.”

“The threat and discrimination of Turkish dictator Erdogan is unacceptable,” said Matteo Salvini, the leader of the far-right league, which supports Draghi.

There are those who support the Italian prime minister’s remarks about Erdogan, and those who criticize his debut on the “divan affair” instead of concerns about democracy and human rights.

“It’s a shame he says we need it”

Although Draghi describes Erdogan as a “dictator,” he says cooperation with dictators is in the national interest.

Italian Left Party leader Nicola Fratoianni made the point, saying, “It’s good news that Draghi has described Erdogan as a dictator. ‘But it’s embarrassing and unacceptable for immigration officials to say,’ But we need him. ‘

Draghi used the term “dictator” when answering a question at a news conference last night. This was the last question in a press conference that lasted more than an hour and focused almost on the pandemic and vaccination campaign.

Director’s correspondent Alfonso Raimo, Draghi, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, asked for their views on the discussion with an experienced protocol visit to Turkey. Raimo, for the same reason, asked the President of the Council of Europe, Charles Michel, “What would you do if you (Michel) were in his place?” As touched on criticism. he asked.

Draghi criticized Erdogan without mentioning a part related to Charles Michel and said:

“Turkish President Erdogan does not agree with shaping his behavior, I think it is inappropriate. I am very saddened by the humiliation of Commissioner von der Leyen. But there is one thing we need to pay attention to: we need people we can call ‘dictator’, public opinion , we must be open to expressing our differences in terms of opinions, behaviors and views, but also be ready to cooperate in the interests of our country. the right balance. “

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