‘Electromagnetic’ threat in children locked up at home

Thousands of children under the age of 18 who have been studying at a distance for a year and are able to go out in limited hours; Experts warn that children who are indoors are seriously exposed to electromagnetic pollution when they are addicted to mobile phones, tablets, computers and televisions.

Emphasizing that wireless internet systems should be kept at least one meter away from children, experts pointed out that recent fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, insomnia, concentration disorders, reactions and irritability in children are associated with exposure to electromagnetic pollution. for a long time.


According to Milliyet newspaper, Izmir Secretary General Çelebi University, Department of Pediatrics and Diseases Prof. President. Dr. Bumin Dundar, “The amount of dose received when exposed to electric and electromagnetic fields (ie intensity, duration of exposure and type of radiation determines the degree of this damage. Children should not have electrical appliances other than light bulbs. Bedrooms. Families with children should choose a wired internet connection.”

Süleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Engineering, Professor. Dr. “Baby beds should be away from windows and electrical outlets. Children should not use hair dryers. Children should not use electric blankets or electric bedding,” Selcuk Potter said. heaters. “Wireless modems must be at least one meter away from the nearest residential area,” he said.


Akdeniz University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics, Academician. Dr. Şükrü Özne made the following decisions:

“We are facing a situation that is really risky and will lead to new health problems. We need to protect ourselves from electronic devices and wave pollution that will damage the biological development of children and eye tissue during development. Mobile phones are the most dangerous class in the concept of electromagnetic safety. also causes continuous exposure, albeit at a low level in terms of duration. Electromagnetic pollution that children are exposed to during the pandemic in the coming years. “

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