Erdogan is not happy that Biden did not call

News analysis published by the Associated Press (AP) in the United States, President Tayyip Erdogan ‘President of the United States Joe Biden ‘He stressed that he has not met yet. “Erdogan has reduced his anti-Western and anti-US rhetoric in an effort to mend broken relations with NATO allies,” the EP report said.

In the AP “Call me? The United States has faced a long list of obstacles to restarting relations“The headline-analysis analyzed the beginning of the Biden era of US-Turkish relations.

The news that Bidet was in office about two months ago and has not yet called President Erdogan reminded that Donald Trump met with Erdogan a few days after he was elected president in 2016.

“As a strategic partner, there is cooperation between Syria, Turkey and Russia in recent years in relations such as Ankara and Washington, because the agenda of disagreements such as the Eastern Mediterranean has been systematically disrupted,” Erdogan’s government said. Trump, who has not spoken out about the rights violations, said he hoped for another four years.

The report said that in an interview with the New York Times during Joe Biden’s term, the Democratic Party nominated a presidential candidate and criticized Turkey and Erdogan.

“Erdogan is not happy not to call”

Turkish officials said Biden’s “rejection” of not calling Erdogan, “contacts at various levels continue,” and a Turkish government official who spoke to the EP said “Erdogan is not happy about this.” The report said he preferred not to name the official.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in recent weeks that Biden had many world leaders she was not yet looking for and that she would call Erdogan “at some point.”

The report said that Turkey is trying to rebuild its economy by ‘complicating’ foreign investment, adding that “Erdogan is trying to reach out to European countries and other former allies of the United States and to eliminate international isolation to solve the problems.” Expressions were used.

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