European Medicines Agency (EMA) Attacked, Vaccine Documents Leaked

Hackers carried out a cyber attack on the European Medicines Agency and gained unauthorized access to documents on approved COVID-19 vaccines.
European Medicines Agency attacks documents on COVID-19 vaccines
The European Medicines Agency was attacked by hackers.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA), which is responsible for examining the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine, confirmed the attack in its statement last Wednesday. The attackers are in the regulatory documents for the coronavirus vaccine developed by BioNTech and joint pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The agency, which was attacked, said the attack would not affect the planned time of the vaccine’s release, while avoiding providing detailed information as the investigation was ongoing. “We are working with international partners to understand the impact of this event affecting the EU drug regulator, but there is currently no evidence that the UK drug regulator is affected,” the agency said.

The European Medicines Agency monitors developed vaccines.

BioNTech said their servers were unaffected and were unaware of the theft of any personal data belonging to 43,500 test subjects. It is not yet clear who was behind the attack, but it was announced by Microsoft last month that hackers in countries such as China, Russia and North Korea targeted pharmaceutical companies developing COVID-19 vaccines.

The UK started its mass vaccination program on Tuesday, December 11, and is the first country to introduce the vaccine on a large scale. The program, which is planned to vaccinate 4 million people at the end of December, uses BioNTech and Pfizer’s vaccine with a 95.4% effectiveness rate in clinical trials. BioNTech has not yet shared information about what details the attack has been able to access.

Source: The Guardian

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