Europe’s reaction to the decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention: Women’s rights are human rights

Turkey, which left the Istanbul Congress by presidential decree, was met with reactions in Europe. Some foreign ministries have issued a message expressing regret over the decision.

Council of Europe Secretary General Marija Pejcinovic Buric, of which Turkey is a member, was seen as “destructive news” for violating the agreement.

Buric said that the Istanbul Gold Convention is a standard, “This move is a major setback in the protection of women and girls. It threatens the protection of women not only in Turkey but also in Europe and abroad.”

Nacho Sanchez Amor, the European Parliament’s rapporteur on Turkey, shared on Twitter that “the real face of the current Turkish government is this: a complete disregard for the rule of law and a complete reversal of human rights.”

The country’s foreign ministries also make statements on development.

The German Foreign Ministry said the development was “a bad signal for women in all of Europe and, more importantly, in Turkey.”

The French Foreign Ministry said it regretted the decision and said the move marked a new setback in terms of respect for human rights.

‘Women’s rights are human rights’

“This decision will mainly affect Turkish women on the French side,” the statement said.

Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya shared a message on Twitter expressing regret over the decision.

In a message, Laya said the Istanbul Convention is “a fundamental tool to eradicate violence against women.”

Mourning messages were also sent from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, which are run by female prime ministers.

The message from the Finnish Foreign Ministry said, “We need more international cooperation against violence against women. Not less …”

A statement from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry said, “The Istanbul Convention is very important for working together to protect women and girls against violence. Women’s rights are human rights.”

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