Every hypothesis about the origin of the coronavirus is still on the table

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a report on research into the source of the coronavirus in China. The report is signed by 17 Chinese and 17 international researchers.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, president of the World Health Organization (WHO), said the hypothesis that the coronavirus had spread from the laboratory was the least likely; at the same time stressed that more research is needed.

He said more teams should go to China for this.

Tedros also criticized China on the issue, saying that the information collected from China and the research conducted was insufficient.

Stating that the delegation also visited the laboratories in Wuhan, Tedros, said that every speculation about the source of the virus is on the table.

The head of the delegation to Wuhan, Peter Ben Embarek, said that the coronavirus was already in November or even October 2019 and could go abroad.

Embarek also argues that the theory of laboratory leakage is the least probable; However, he said that this issue still needs to be investigated.

A delegation from the World Health Organization (WHO) traveled to Wuhan, China earlier this year to investigate how the coronavirus epidemic began.

Four theses were in the spotlight

The delegation met with organizations, hospitals and people working in the live animal market in connection with the spread of the virus in China.

WHO and Chinese officials have been negotiating for months to allow the delegation to take the exam.

The delegation, which went to China in February, announced the first findings.

At the time, the coronavirus was unlikely to leak from the Wuhan Virology Laboratory, which conducts research on bats.

The team said, “The virus most likely passed from an animal that carries humans.”

The head of the delegation, Peter Ben Embarek, held a press conference in Wuhan on the results of his research, and said that his research to find out how the virus is transmitted to humans is based on four theses:

  • Transmission of the virus directly from animals to humans
  • Infection of carriers of animal species
  • Transmission of the virus through frozen products
  • Spread of the virus from the Wuhan laboratory

“More research is needed, but our first findings are that the most likely option is for the virus to be transmitted to humans through a carrier animal,” said Peter Ben Embarek.

As for the laboratory thesis at the heart of conspiracy theories, Embarek said, “It is extremely unlikely. Therefore, we do not recommend that you pay attention to this thesis in future research.”

The first Covid-19 incident occurred in December 2019 in Wuhan.

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