Flights between Russia and Egypt will resume in 5 years

Norwdwind Airlines, one of Russia’s leading airlines, said flights between Egypt and Russia would resume in March, five years after they applied to resume flights to Egypt.

An Airbus A-321 passenger plane belonging to Russia’s Metrojet Airlines with 224 people on board crashed in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula in 2015, and no one survived the crash. After this incident, mutual flights between the two countries were suspended. Five years after the tragedy, the first step was taken to resume flights between the two countries.

Norwdwind Airlines, one of Russia’s leading airlines, has formally requested the resumption of flights to the resort areas of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada in Egypt, and the two countries have reached an agreement in principle. While the Egyptian and Russian sides confirmed this development, it was learned that the flights were scheduled to start in March, but no exact flight date has been set.

The Union of Russian Travel Agencies (ATOR) has announced that the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Bureau has not included Russia in its international advertising campaign. The statement said that the Egyptian side did not include Russia in the three-year large-scale advertising program that promotes tourism in the country, and there may be conditions for Russia’s inclusion in the advertising program. possible after the start of reciprocal flights. (PUA)

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