Former US President Trump’s tweets can no longer be shown on Twitter

Twitter is the former president of the United States, whose account has been permanently closed for “repeated” violations of the platform’s rules and “violent incidents.” Donald Nut‘s shares can no longer be seen on the platform.

According to the BBC; The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is working to create an official online archive of the former president’s tweets. However, according to Twitter, this will not be on the platform as usual. Trump’s account was permanently closed after the January attacks in the US capital, Washington.

“Our crews are working with NARA to protect tweets on the @realDonaldTrump account, which is standard in any management transition, as we have done before,” he said.

“Since we have permanently suspended @RealDonaldTrump, it is currently on Twitter as it is applied to archived management accounts. It doesn’t matter how NARA decides to view the data it protects,” he said.

Social media posts are saved as a ‘historical record’

Tweets from high-ranking politicians and officials in the United States are accepted by the Archives Agency to be kept as ‘historical records’ after resignation.

Barack Obama When a leadership policy was put in place to protect social media posts, the president said it should continue to be accessible on platforms where materials are created “wherever possible.” Posts of former President Obama and officials on social media are also stored on a searchable website.

According to the report, the platform allows only the archiving of administrative accounts that do not violate the rules of Twitter. However, Trump’s account was suspended after a series of messages that Twitter allegedly violated the rules of incitement to violence.

Trump, who tweeted almost every day during his presidency, saw it as a way to communicate directly with his nearly 90 million followers.

The former president was also removed from Facebook after the riots in Washington.

Since the ban on Twitter, Trump has reportedly planned to return to social media “with his platform.” Consultant Jason Miller, He said that an event will be held in a few months and he thinks it will be a very popular platform on social media.

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