France’s ‘ministers eat in restaurants’ investigation into the allegations

The Paris Attorney General’s Office has launched an investigation into allegations that many French government officials, including some ministers, violated restrictions on the new strain of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and ate secretly in restaurants.

In a documentary broadcast on a French television channel last weekend, an unidentified man said he had secretly eaten at two or three restaurants with several ministers. The Interior Minister said there were no reports of such “misconduct.” Gerald Darmanin, He asked the police to investigate the allegations.

According to Euronews; The prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Monday that the investigation was ongoing despite reports that the man named in the documentary had withdrawn his claim.

French restaurants have been closed since October to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The country reintroduced a number of restrictions, including exit bans, by the end of April, following a rapid increase in Covid-19 incidents and an almost full supply of resuscitation units.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said in a statement on Sunday night that authorities had been investigating secret meals and celebrations for months and that about 200 people had been severely punished. The spokesman stressed that the ministers have a “duty to be completely flawless and exemplary.”

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