Fraud line from Nigeria to Turkey (pay attention to those who sell their products online)

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Experts warn those who want to sell products on the Internet about scams from external sources. This method, also known as ‘prepayment fraud’, causes citizens to fall victim.

A notification sent by a reader to brought up the fraud committed in this way again.

Scammers often reach out to Nigerian advertisers to ensure that the product is sent to them with fake information and documents.

Scammers first contact the seller via WhatsApp by contacting the seller for the products they are predicting the eyes of a secret site in Turkey.

These products are selected from those with high prices.

As reported by, a fraudster posing as a buyer usually presents himself as an American or Canadian soldier. There is a soldier to support fake information in profile form.

The scammer said in an English message that he was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and served in Nigeria.

After a few simple questions about the product, he says he wants to buy the product. Fraudsters dominate trucking companies in Turkey. The sellers said that if you want the scammer’s product to pay IBAN, it can be sent to Nigeria with a freight company from Turkey.

Fake decont

In this case, a fake document is activated. The fraudster, who claims to have added the shipping fee to the payment, sends a fake receipt to the advertiser, which is indistinguishable from the real one. The citizen who believes in the receipt is the product in his hand and the money in his pocket due to the shipping fee.

Scammers have a separate plan for those who do not believe the receipt and want to see the money in the account. The fraudsters claim that the money they send is kept in a bank for safe shopping, claiming that the money will be transferred to the account after the tracking number is shared. At this stage, the seller who sent the product can not escape deception.


Mehmet Ali Koksal, Information Technology Law Specialist, who made assessments on the subject, said that paid shipments should be made in domestic operations. Koksal said the trucking company could be a mediator for the collection.

Stating that the product should not be sent before the money is transferred to the bank account in international transactions, Koksal said that secure payment systems can also be used.

Stressing that measures should be taken to advertise on the subject, Koksal said:

“The main problem here is that the relevant platforms warn people about foreign transactions, people who do not know much about e-commerce. Some measures need to be taken. A person’s phone number can be hidden abroad or those who want to sell abroad may be offered a choice.”


Koksal continued:

“There is an idea that domestic operations will be carried out legally. However, not much can be done about the case of fraud abroad.

There may be security issues. It will not be easy to catch criminals. The cost of a lawyer to consult abroad can be very low. Such organized work can take action only through Interpol when it reaches a certain level. “

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