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From Tarkan to his compatriots: I am with you in your just rebellion

Rize’ın İkizdere district Gürdere and Cevizlik villages after the public reaction to the opening of a hearth came from Tarkan. Tarkan called on his compatriots, “I deeply feel your just rebellion and I am with you.”

The reaction of the local people, Gürdere and Cevizlik village of İkizdere district, a stone quarry will be opened, it is logical to decide to buy about 16 million tons of stone to fill the sea area. Center and Port project will be built in Rize. Gemini artist Tarkan Tevetoglu shared social media accounts for his compatriots.
Tarkan, who published a photo he took during his visit to İkizdere in his father’s village, Rüzgarlı, said: “My dear country Rize, my dear Ikizdere, my dear compatriots! I hear your painful cry. My heart burns too. “
“I deeply feel your just rebellion, which seeks to protect your nature and your homeland, and I stand with you wholeheartedly in your struggle.”
In another message, Tarka said, “Those who sacrifice the nature and land of our country every day for money and power; those who see these massacres as a legacy to our children and our beautiful country, which we have inherited tomorrow, stop! Enough!”
With the intervention of the gendarmerie in İkizdere, a group of 8 people were taken out of the area yesterday, and yesterday began the road to the forest with construction vehicles. However, a group of locals returned from the forest roads and tried to stop their work by blocking the work machine.

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