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The German Association of Industrialists (BDI), which has been involved in discussions to tighten measures against the coronavirus epidemic in Germany, has warned that a tough closure decision could have a devastating effect on the economy.

BDI President Prof. Dr. Siegfried Russwurm warned that a possible complete shutdown decision that could take weeks could result in production shutdowns and a collapse in the supply chain. “If the industry’s door is locked, the economic growth targets set for 2021 will be completely in vain,” Russwurm said. “In this situation, we can not cure last year’s collapse in any way.”

“The industry can not be closed in a day”

“It will take at least a week to shut down the industry, because many trucks will still be on the road. You can’t close and blow up chemical plants. Furnaces from today to tomorrow,” Russwurm said. According to him, the return of the supply chain to normal after a possible interruption of several weeks can take weeks.

Commenting on the “No Covid” principle, voiced by some scientists and predicting that the coronavirus will shut down until it is completely zero, Siegfried Russwurm said, “It’s a beautiful dream, but it can only come true in mental experiments.”


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