Google has held an oral advocacy meeting on competition research

The meeting chaired by the Chairman of the Competition Council Birol Küle was held online.

Tower reminded that Google Advertising and Marketing Ltd. was investigated for abusing its dominant position in the general search services market against Google International LLC, Google LLC, Google Ireland Limited and Alphabet Inc. to exclude competitors in the local search services market. .

Oral defense meeting decided to be held on the Internet due to a new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, Küle said, gave the floor to the investigation team.

A spokesman for the investigation team said that the investigation violated Google’s law by distorting competition in the market by offering Google’s local search service and housing price comparison service more affordable than its competitors. location and vision and other experiences.

The spokesman claimed that Google dominated the overall search services market and “made it difficult for the local search service and location pricing comparison service to outperform its competitors in terms of location and impression.” general search results page, “he said, adding that the company should be fined.

The complainant also claimed that Google was complicating the activities of its competitors in the local search services market.

On the other hand, a Google lawyer claimed that the company did not abuse its dominance, that the above applications did not violate the competition, and that there was no room for administrative fines.

The board will announce its final decision on the investigation on April 14.

If the decision is made earlier, it will be announced on the website of the Competition Organization.

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