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He accidentally fired at the playground in Denizli

According to the claim in Denizli, one person, angry at the noise of children in the park, accidentally fired around with a shotgun. The suspect, who injured the person trying to protect the children and ran away from his leg, was arrested and taken into custody by the police.

In the Merkezefendi district of Denizli, a man opened fire because his children made noise.
The incident took place at about 16:00 in the playground at 2526 Akçeşme Quarter.
While the children were playing in the park, Hasan A started shooting randomly into the air from a shotgun. While the children and people around panicked, Sahin Uzar, who was trying to protect his nephews in the park, was injured in the throat by hitting his left leg.
Hasan A. fled after the incident, a large number of police and medical teams were sent to the area with the news of the people around.
Sahin Uzar, who was injured in his left leg, was taken to Servergazi State Hospital by ambulance.
Hasan A., who fled the scene with a rifle, was detained by police while trying to enter the house.
In the exam, it was determined that Hasan A accidentally fired 6 shots in the park.
Hussein Akcan, one of the witnesses to the incident, said that an unknown person opened fire on their children with a rifle and “My children were playing in the park. I came to the park when I heard that 6 shots were fired.” rifle; I saw my sister-in-law shot and wounded in the leg, a man shot the children with a rifle. My brother-in-law was injured when he came out to protect the children, “he said.
In his first statement to the police, the suspect Hasan A. learned that the children in the park made noise and opened fire because they were angry.

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