Hidden Ecosystems

Marine life and the world of microscopic creatures are one of the areas where artists are often inspired. The best examples of this are Deep Series, created by Vladimir Stankovich from hybrid characters from mythical creatures and sea creatures, and strange creatures inspired by Catriona Secker’s biology books. Robert Steven Connett draws inspiration from the same regions and creates paintings in vibrant colors and extremely detailed.

Fantastic sea creatures

The Los Angeles-based artist creates mysterious and psychedelic ecosystems in his paintings. Moreover, it builds these imaginary systems with meticulous detail; gives the design of different flora and fauna. Most of the creatures in the compositions have the characteristics of sea creatures.

There are countless species in Robert Steven Connett’s paintings, from jellyfish and algae to microorganisms to the depletion of biodiversity in the real world. He described the birth of the coronavirus in the post above. They enliven Ernst Haeckel’s paintings, but they are completely different in terms of the color palette and scientific drawing style of the German biologist.

Connett said that in his work he focused on the magnificent beauty of nature and his interest in nature. Stating that he does not want to include death and ugly things in his paintings, the artist thinks that there are many of them in the real world and pays attention to his imagination. It creates lush and green worlds in the shadow of a pale planet. He hopes his work will alleviate the depression and frustration caused by the climate crisis. On the other hand, it is not enough for an artist to remember a period when our world was stable. We must all do our best to reduce the causes of the crisis.

You can view pictures, prints and other products from Connett’s online store and follow them on Instagram.

Robert Steven ConettRobert Steven ConnetRobert Steven ConettRobert Steven Connet

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