How does your favorite application work lately, and how does it differ from other social networks?

It’s been almost four years since the launch of the world-famous TikTok app, and as everyone expects, the next big social media event is starting: Clubhouse.

It was met with high attention by the end of the year, was the scene of heated debates, and in some countries even joined the list of “banned applications” along with other social media giants.

We have compiled what we know about the clubhouse.

Why should I take it seriously?

Implemented in the United States, especially in China, Brazil and Turkey brought a big vote. It is expected to spread widely in the countries where the new name will be announced soon.

From Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg, from Drake to Kanye West, and from media star Oprah Winfrey, many well-known names have started practicing.

In hot countries like Turkey, the heated debate on the political agenda, thousands of people turned to the club building. Finally, Clubhouse stood out among the channels where developments could be watched directly during the actions of Bogazici University.

Of course, this global interest also increased the company’s financial value. According to the Financial Times, the cost of the application is already more than $ 1 billion.

How does the club house work?

What sets Clubhouse apart from other social platforms is the lack of text, images or videos. The application is based on voice communication only.

In addition, all streams in the application occur live.

Users can open a room themselves or join rooms opened by other people to discuss the topic they want.

Generally, a certain number of people are allowed to speak in one room, while others can only listen. However, users can get the right to speak and talk.

Talking in the room can not be recorded and everything should be monitored in real time.

In order not to miss the content you want to watch, you can mark the topics you want in the application and receive notifications about it.

What are your clubhouse favorites?

Clubhouse, participated in applications banned in China.

The soundtrack of the clubhouse makes you feel like listening to a podcast or radio show.

Thus, the application saves users from switching between content types. In other words, there is no timeline that is updated with the intervention of distracting cat photos in the Clubhouse and does not allow you to watch a single subject.

When many people use this app to chat with friends, seeing names like Elon Musk “online” allows you to listen to them in real time as if they were face to face in the same room.

The unexpected advantage of the clubhouse is that it creates a discussion environment in countries where large social networks are banned, thanks to the new application.

In China, where Twitter and Facebook are banned, there has been great interest in the Clubhouse application to discuss censored issues. However, in China, this practice was soon banned. Users who logged in to the application started receiving error messages from the week of February 8.

In addition to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in Turkey, the political and social environment has made a quick entry among the issues discussed.

Political party leaders also began meeting with their followers at the Clubhouse.

Can I download and get started right away?

Clubhouse is currently only available for iPhone.

Clubhouse is currently only available for iPhone.

No. First of all, Clubhouse cannot be used on phones with Android operating system yet.

Although research is underway for Huawei, Samsung, LG and other Android-based mobile phones, Clubhouse can still be used on iPhones.

On the other hand, it is not enough to have an iPhone to download and use an application immediately.

Clubhouse is a platform where it is possible to participate only by invitation. If a user sends you an invitation to join, you can login. Each user has only two invitation rights.

It is unknown how long the application will last the same method.

Let’s not forget that Facebook, which has 1.5 billion users worldwide today, started with a small student circle in the United States.

Today, the email platform Gmail, which has more than 1.5 billion users, was once used by invitation.

What are its weaknesses?

Clubhouse offers a more intimate experience than other social networks for its users.

Rooms where people talk can be opened for a maximum of 5,000 participants. So there is a possibility that you will not be able to enter a room where a very popular name is the speaker.

During the protests at Bogazici University, the student channel broadcast at the Clubhouse reached 5,000 users.

Clubhouse, on the other hand, like all other social media apps, has sparked “privacy breaches” discussions.

The application records all conversations, albeit briefly, to support inquiries about special cases.

However, it is the Clubhouse’s prerogative to preserve these audio documents for a longer period of time.

Will there be a ‘new trend’ Clubhouse?

Maybe, possibly, perhaps. Clubhouse currently has two million active users, but has grown rapidly despite launching in 2020.

However, social media is a difficult task, and at first glance it seems quite possible to copy the technical infrastructure behind the Clubhouse.

As with Snapchat, competitors can develop similar apps based on this idea.

Snapchat has lost the “missing post” format to Instagram’s ‘Story’ feature.

Regardless of the outcome, Clubhouse started with a sound content feature that no one else had yet and that seemed pretty ambitious.

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