Human Rights Watch investigated the release of women in Qatar who were restricted by women’s consent; “Not treated like an adult”

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A report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) shows that women in Qatar live in “deep discrimination.” The report found that women in Qatar depended on a man’s consent to marry, travel, pursue higher education, or make decisions about their children. One woman said that despite being in a decision-making position at work, she “did not feel like an adult.

According to The Guardian, HRW has prepared a report examining the system in which women live in Qatar. The report shows that many decisions concerning men’s consent deprive women of simple freedoms.

Researchers examined 27 laws, including education, housing, and marital status. The report showed that women were loyal to “male parents” who could be their fathers, brothers, uncles or wives to exercise their basic rights.

Speaking for the study, women said men were forbidden to drive, travel, work and marry those of their choice. Some women said they wanted the system to be mentally unhealthy. One woman said, “Look, women are always quarantined. The whole world is living a normal life for women in Qatar.”

Rothna Begum, a women’s rights researcher at HRW, said: “The government in Qatar does not want women to know the rules. Men are asked for power and control. He said there was no law or institution against separatism that he could do.

A 44-year-old woman named Lolwa said her father agreed to drive at the age of 33. “I’m a contractor when I go to work. On the one hand, I’m an adult, and on the other hand, I’m not like an adult,” Lolwa said.

In a written response to HRW, the Qatari government said women could be parents to their children. The government added that women do not need men’s approval to receive pensions and work in ministries and government agencies.

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