Hundreds of people took to the streets to protest the Palestinian election

President of Palestine Mahmoud AbbasHundreds of people took to the streets to protest the Palestinian elections.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced on January 15 that after a 14-year hiatus, the country will hold presidential elections on May 22, 2021, July 31, 2021, and the Palestinian National Council in August. 31, 2021. Speaking at a meeting with Palestinian group leaders, Abbas said the May 22 general election in Palestine could be postponed if Israel did not allow elections in East Jerusalem, adding that “elections will be held when our Israel approves the elections in East Jerusalem.”

Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets in the capital, Ramallah, after Abbas said the election could be postponed. Demonstrators took Palestinian flags and placards from President Abbas urging him not to postpone the election. Protesters often chanted slogans such as “People want a ballot box,” “People want to end the division,” and “People want elections.”
The protesters stressed that the elections were a fundamental right of the Palestinian people and that the elections had been postponed several times. Demonstrators said they would not accept the postponement or cancellation of the election.

A final statement on the elections is expected after the meeting, which continues in the capital Ramallah with the participation of leaders of Palestinian groups. (UAV)

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