In the Netherlands, the government protested against the court’s decision to lift the ban on going to court

In the Netherlands, the government objected to a court’s decision to lift the ban on the Covid-19 epidemic on the grounds that it was not an emergency, and the restrictions severely restricted the right to personal movement.

The Dutch government has protested a decision by a group called Viruswaarheid to remove the curfew.

In the Hague tribunal, it was decided to lift the curfew, claiming that there was no urgency in enforcing the ban, that the restriction was an extreme restriction on personal movement and that it was too intrusive. much by the personal situation of individuals.

CLICK – A Dutch court has asked the government to lift the curfew immediately

Prime Minister Mark Rutte In a statement, he called on the court to postpone the decision until the day of the appeal. Rutte asked citizens to observe curfew, regardless of the outcome of the appeal. “It’s really important to limit our social interactions as much as possible,” Rutte said, noting that curfews are needed to prevent the spread of the mutation in the UK, where the virus is more contagious.

The government claimed that it had the right to impose curfew because emergency laws issued by the legislature gave it the power to act unilaterally.

In the Netherlands, the total number of diseases reached 1 million 34 thousand 795, the total loss of life reached 14 thousand 929. Protests have erupted in many cities in recent weeks, with many vehicles set on fire and shops looted.

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