Inflation, exchange rate, interest and risk relationship

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The last forty years have been spent talking about inflation. Unfortunately, he was just talking. The chart below shows Turkey’s inflation test. Emerging countries (GOI) have come under serious disagreement over the past four years, with an unprecedented gap in Turkey despite relatively high inflation and the world average (graphical data used: IMF, WEO Database, October 2020.)

In the last four years, not only Turkey’s social and political risks, but also economic risks have increased over the years, and there have been deviations from the average group in Turkey and the world. In addition to the mistakes in economic policy, from foreign policy to domestic policy and approaches to social issues, these are the years when decisions that contradict the world and the century are made and brought up.

It is possible to write a cash flow chart in economies with a dollarization level like ours:

Turkey has not solved the problem in the last forty years, as it has focused on reducing interest rates in order not to reduce its risks. The way to solve a problem is to find the cause and eliminate it. If you are unsure of the cause or the problem, only science can answer.

If the facts do not fit our theory, we must change our theory. If we try to change the truth instead of changing our theory, we will only deceive ourselves.

* This article is taken from Mahfi Egilmez’s personal blog.

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