Iranian leader Khamenei’s response to Biden: Uranium enrichment will not be stopped

Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei, US President calls for suspension of uranium enrichment to lift sanctions Joe biden“We have set a condition and it will not be taken back,” he replied. used the expression.

On his Twitter account, Khamenei responded to Biden by saying that they would not lift sanctions on Iran until the uranium enrichment process was stopped. “We have set a charter and it will not be revoked,” he said.

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Khamenei also “The post-US era has begun “ shared.

“First, will the United States lift sanctions to bring Iran to the negotiating table?” Biden said in an interview with CBS. He replied: “No. They must first stop uranium enrichment.”

On the other hand, Khamenei said that in order for his country to fulfill its obligations under the nuclear agreement, the United States must first lift all sanctions.

Nuclear agreement with Iran

Iran and the United States, China, France, Germany, Russia and Britain signed an agreement in 2015 to regulate and control Tehran’s nuclear activities.

After Donald Trump came to the presidency, the United States refused to reach an agreement on May 8, 2018 and began to impose sanctions on Iran again.

In response to the sanctions, Tehran has completely suspended its obligations under the agreement of January 5, 2020 and has taken a number of steps, including high-level uranium enrichment.

Joe Biden, who took office in the United States, said they would return to the agreement if Tehran fulfilled its obligations under the agreement. Iran said the United States should return to the agreement and lift sanctions because the party withdrew from the agreement.

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