Italy’s new Prime Minister Mario Draghi has promised to work for a fairer dialogue between the EU and Turkey

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Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s new government program was presented to parliament this morning, an effort to establish “more than a dialogue between the European Union and Turkey” among the policies to be pursued in international relations.

The government of Mario Draghi, who was officially sworn in last weekend, will be brought to security in the Senate today and in the House of Representatives tomorrow. The government, which includes politicians and technocrats from the 5 Star Movement, the Democratic Party, the League, Come to Italy, Free and Equal, Living Italian Parties, is expected to go to the polls without a vote of confidence. problems.

Prime Minister Draghi announced the government’s program in the Senate today before the vote of confidence. Explaining his foreign policy priorities, Draghi said, “This government will be pro-European and Atlantic in international relations.”

“Our interest in the Mediterranean region and Africa, especially in the Balkans, Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean, will continue to be strong.

“The pandemic has shown the need for more intensive exchanges with our partners, whose economies are the most complex. Thus, Italy needs to better build and strengthen its strategic ties with France and Germany.

“At the same time, we need to strengthen our cooperation with countries where we share our special sensitivity to the Mediterranean, the environment and immigration, such as Spain, Greece, Malta and Cyprus.”

“Turkey, a partner and NATO ally, will continue to work for a more equal dialogue between the EU.

“We are watching with concern what is happening in this country and in other countries where citizens’ rights are often violated,” Draghi said, adding that they would work to strengthen dialogue mechanisms with Russia.

Draghi said he was concerned about rising tensions in countries such as China, adding that the new leadership in the United States was “a more cooperative approach for Europe and its traditional allies.”

Mario Draghi also mentioned the fight against pandemics and their effects, global climate change and environmental issues and gender equality among the priority topics in the government’s program.

In his address to the Senate, Draghi recalled the hardships and sacrifices of citizens over the past year, saying, “Being united today is not an option, it is a duty. It is a duty that unites us all: our love for Italy” and called for parliamentary support.

After the collapse of the coalition government formed in September 2019 under the leadership of former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte last month, President Sergio Mattarella gave the task of forming a new government to former European Central Bank President Mario Draghi. The government formed by 73-year-old Draghi became the 67th government established in Italy in 75 years since the proclamation of the republic.

Of the 23 ministries in the government supported by the majority of parties in parliament, 8 were given to technocrats and 15 to representatives of these parties.

The Draghi government officially took office last Saturday with a swearing-in ceremony.

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