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Loneliness and social isolation are not things that enter our lives with a real pandemic. Tense working conditions, distance from the closest people, communication in the digital world already carried a large amount. Published on Vimeo the day before Lonely Orbit it also deals with loneliness and screen-related socialism.

Lonely Orbit reflects the impact of digital communication on our behavior

The impact of this 2019 short animation epidemic, which lasted about 9 and a half minutes, attracted a lot of attention this year and was highlighted by the selection of Staff Pick on Vimeo. The film’s creators and directors are Frederic Siegel and Benjamin Morard. The idea is based on the experience of Frederic Siegel a few years after graduating from the Lucerne School of Art and Design. At that time, the director realized how difficult it was to keep friends at a distance from his friends, and realized that all communication was transferred to the digital world. It made him feel like a satellite. Despite the fact that he was in constant contact, he encountered a great distance that separated him from his relatives. He felt as if he had been blown into an orbit around his friends who were holding him close by gravity. The aim of the film is to show how people use modern communication technology and its impact on their behavior.

Our hero, who has satellite equipment in the film, feels very lonely and constantly textes his old friends to get out of this mess. As for the point of neglect of the tasks of the situation, a satellite goes out of its orbit and causes the collapse of the entire communication network in the world. There is also an epic resemblance between the loneliness of the satellite and the scene of the descent and the status of the protagonist.

The film was made by Zurich-based Team Tumult. The creative team used hand-drawn animation and digital editing techniques on graphics tablets.

Lonely Orbit has been screened at more than 70 film festivals and has aroused great interest. Sitges won Best Cartoon Award at the International Fiction Film Festival. At that time, he was one of the winners of the Academy Awards this year.

You can watch the production process of the film in the video below.

Lonely OrbitLonely Orbit

Credit: Vimeo

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