Kamidana Series by Memidan Naohiko Shimoda

In recent years, we often come across examples of miniature architecture and interior architecture. Recently, many different works have been performed, from post-apocalyptic miniature scenes to miniature beach houses and even a miniature model of Rexx Cinema. Kamidana These miniature temples inspire today’s designers as a Far Eastern tradition that has survived to the present day. Architect Naohiko Shimoda is one of those who continues this tradition by preparing a fireplace using his architectural skills.

Detailed camisoles as architectural models

In Shinto, miniature house altars built to house a kami (sacred spirits / gods that take the form of concepts such as wind, rain, trees, mountains, rivers, and fertility) are called kamidana. Kamidanas are the most common kami prayers in Japan. Also known as the “God’s Shelf,” these miniature buildings bring the atmosphere of Shinto shrines to a corner of the house or workplace. Often a part of a single facade is depicted as a description of a building. Thus, the viewer can imagine the existence of a larger formation that is not represented in the middle than that shown by this cam.

Architect Naohiko Shimoda took the fireplaces, which usually look like wall figurines, a step further and designed them in detail like real architectural models. These wooden structures, made of a complex foundation and a tubular drop, are placed in a corner inside the enclosed space and are woven on the wall without breaking the tradition.

Shimoda has designed two different structures, one concave and one convex. For the old convex corner.

You can see the works of the Designer on the website and follow them on Instagram.

Images from instagram

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